Monday, April 19, 2010

First Day Jitters

First day at new place of employment went well.


-Permanent job
-Two work trips coming up before end of June - over weekend = TIL!
-Nice, very nice office space
-Printer works
-People appear to be very normal


-No desk/phone/etc yet - due to refurb all will be finished on Monday
-Not sure where said desk will be so unable to spend time dreaming of desk organisation fantasy
-No kitchen, just a tiny kitchenette - will force me to leave office for lunch though.
-Lift is dodgy, getting fixed, be without lift for 6 weeks, on 6th floor. Perhaps should just start taking stairs NOW.

It was good, they made me feel really welcome. WIN.

.....oh and we now have a wicked cleaning roster, guess who was first?! Thanks for the advice folks!


kathrynoh said...

Congrats on the new job. Will you be getting a better kitchen as part of the refurb?

skinny latte said...

Love the "the people appear to be normal" bit!! That's always important! :D

Lucinda said...

Thanks Guys. Nope the kitchenette has already been refurbished Kathryn. It's just got enough space to assemble lunch - I must check today to see if it has a microwave. It also has a bar size fridge, but then we are less than 20. And hopefully that will make people less likely to forget their food in the fridge. There is just nowhere really to sit to eat it, besides my desk. Which will be hard, once the weather hits!

Oh yeah they appear to be very normal. Last work people, very very VERY strange. Not all, but some!

Sue said...

Level 6 with no lift! That's a bit much!