Wednesday, April 14, 2010

People that drive you raving mad!

I don't get angry/pissed off whatever you want to call it very often. And I am sure I had something much more interesting to write about. But allow me this post, to vent.

One of my housemates is STUPID. Look, she's not dumb, but just some common sense would go along way.

It does not help, that I just heard her complain about me not cleaning. I didn't think she thought I was home, and if I was, I didn't think she expected her voice to carry that far. I was, and it did.

I clean people, actually i'm the only one that cleans, serious. My other housemate gets away with not cleaning as much because she drags out rubbish and recycling most weeks down 4 flights of stairs, and does her fair share of dishwasher duty.

I digress.

And will explain a little more.

The stupid one, isn't young, well she's 27 or near about. But I had thought she had lived out of home, she hadn't. BIG MISTAKE. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but then there was the time she asked me how to clean a toilet. And then the other night, how to unscrew a light bulb.

Umm. Parents teach this, and if they don't surely you have seen someone to it, and if you havn't.

Wouldn't you just take a crack at it people?!!!

I liken it to kind of like having a teenager in the house. It's seriously not cool.

Vent over :-(


Rand(Om) Bites said...

Oh god, living with someone fresh out of "home" - recipe for annoyance! Did you let her know you were there. I would have walked in just to see the look on her face ;-)

Lucinda said...

I came in about a minute after she finished to put the phone back on the charger, silence. And then went back to my room.


I'm patient, but there are some things that should not be that hard to figure out, like cleaning the toilet.

green ink said...

I'm glad you made your presence known! She wouldn't have known which way to look!! Ha ha.

kathrynoh said...

I actually think I can handle someone who is stupid but asks than someone who knows what to do but doesn't do it (like ummm maybe my sister...)

Sue said...

Perhaps if you stopped cleaning for a week she might realise what a dick she's being?

Vic said...

Make a cleaning chart.. simple, and give your other flat mate less. Right down to cleaning the oven and inside the fridge.. worked with my old flat mates they soon pulled their socks up and realised they had it sweet and fucked it up.