Sunday, June 20, 2010

Race Report and some cheese

I completed my first trail running race today. It was pouring down with rain, and a little bit cold. I ran with two shirt layers, and a hoodie - yeah I don't own a waterproof to run in - need to fix that. But for the short course it was fine. My third layer was still dry by the finish.

I enjoyed the race, most of it was awesome. Except for the rather steep (for me) downhills, which would have been not too bad if it had not been raining, but on top of that my glasses kept fogging up, so I couldn't see that well on the downhills, so that was at a very slow walking pace. But on the flats I was solid, that felt good.

I am going to do the next one, being rather new, I'm just sticking to the short course, I'm not in it for a pb or anything, just some fun, and something a bit different. And the coffee van at the end, and some sweet buns (didn't have those, but next time yeah!)

I came home, had a brilliant hot shower, and hit the supermarket to make this. I forgot the get the cottage cheese, which doesn't matter, its very cheesy - given that I don't have cheese that often, but even so, cheesy goodness!

Given the early start I've had quite a productive day - run, cooking, and some housework.



Kate said...

I love those races. Miss them heaps. Recommend the night time one, if they run it again. And I especially love the post race food- nothing like a chelsea bun after a hard race.

Lucinda said...

They are running the night one! Not sure though, hopefully it's flatter! I had a banana today, thought I'd best leave the chelsea buns to the medium and long course folk, until I saw someone else tucking in on the way back to the car. Next time, that bun is mine :-)

Sue said...

And the mid-winter dip?