Saturday, June 26, 2010


One sleep out and I think I'm ready.

I've laid all my stuff out, pinned my number on my race top, laced my timing chip in, place my jelly snakes in my gear. I picked up everything yesterday at registration, grabbed a pace band, and got a awesome jacket - which I desperately needed, and given todays weather, oh that was indeed a good choice - its teeming down and there is a southerly billowing, hopefully it will ease up even slightly by the morning.

I've borrowed a friends polar watch to use to check my time at the 10km point, and got some new batteries for it today.

I'm not the most organised person, but I've got my oats soaking and ready for the morning, made pasta bake for tonight, and got some white bread! So I have very little to do, between now and then except relax, and try and not get too nervous.

This is not the most organised post, i'm a bit, nervous, excited, terrified, and a little bit proud!

See you at the finish :-)


Pip said...

The worst of this storm is supposed to blow out by tomorrow. Good luck out there! I'm only doing the 10k this year. You'll do fine.

kathrynoh said...

Good luck and have fun :)

green ink said...

Good luck, do your best and ENJOY. I know you'll have an amazing time. xx

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Whoot! See you at the finish line babe. How exciting :-)