Monday, July 5, 2010

Get your veg!

I had a pretty quiet weekend, the very short 20 minute run on Saturday, and a walk into the fruit and veg market on Sunday, followed by an attempt at tennis. Given the lovely weekend here, it was refreshing to put on a hat, and have a hit outside. Not that I hit much, some work to do there, but had a blast.

I have some time in lieu to use up from work, so I have a few four day weeks ahead with Friday off, so that should be great. The plan this Friday is to hunt for some new workout gear - which I DO need (yes I have ONE set) ahem. And, no I don't smell. But the top especially needs replacing, and I need running pants.

Oh and I need new shoes, again, I have the one pair. Which was fine when I wasn't running almost every day, now I am.

Back to the topic, I went to the vegie marker on Sunday morning, grabbed a load of vegies and some fruit. And had an awesome post spin dinner tonight of spinach on toast with boiled egg, and some roasted yams and carrots. Yes I need to go grocery shopping. And I roasted some pumpkin and beetroot for tomorrow night, I might get some fish on the way home for that meal.

I start back in full swing for my second half marathon in less than 11 weeks, so I'm clocking back up the kms/miles this week. Need to get me some jelly snakes!

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