Saturday, July 17, 2010

Small Race, Big Dreams

I have my first race since the half marathon, a short 5km race tomorrow along the river. I almost switched to the 10km, but my training plan said 5km, so I'm being strict and sticking to the 5km intending to go all out. What time am I looking for? 35 minutes and under would be awesome, and I'm hoping to clock around 30 mins before Christmas! I just need to pick up my legs and increase my stride.

Food wise, things have been on and off. I'm still having these insane sugar cravings, and I am slowly getting them under control, and realising that for now, I just can't have a treat now and then, for me it doesn't work, because it just tends to all go down hill. I just need to find an easier way of controlling it, or maybe controlling me a little bit more. I don't want to deny myself, but I also do want to get to goal, and treats all the time and getting to goal do not go hand in hand. No matter how much I run.

Tonight I am off the my first All Blacks game! I'm not the biggest rugby fan, but it should still be a great, I just hope the weather warms up!


Vic said...

Hey you, good luck with the 5 kms tomorrow, will be easy after 21kms.
As for the treats have you thought about earning them ? so you need to do a,b,c to get x or y ?
I earn my friday night treat, have to lose weight during that week to be allowed and exercised 3 times.. just an idea, but I have banned bread all together.

Good luck,
me xoxoxo

kathrynoh said...

Oh I'm exactly the same with treats. Some people can have say a block of chocolate in the fridge and have maybe 2-3 squares a night. Not me. I'm fine when I have none at all but as soon as I have a little, it opens the floodgates.

I find vanilla icecream is about the only treat that I'm okay with - and can have a treat that's more on the healthy side with it like a baked apples etc.

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Oh god, treats. Now that is why I can't have junk food in the house but if I really do want a treat, I try to hold out until Friday/Saturday which are my free days. During the week I opt for a soy hot choc if I really need a treat. That seems to hit the spot. Hope the race went well hon!