Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mud Run 5km Race Report

Okay, so it wasn't called the mud run. But oh yes people there was mud.
As from the previous post I wanted to better my time, and I didn't, it was fine though I clocked in around 37/38 mins, which was cool. And I spent about one minute in total beating myself up about not being able to run that fast during most of the race, due to the mud.

Mud, and muddy grass. It's a miracle I didn't slide down the embankment, or fall on my arse. But I ran along the road fast, hit the mud grass and jogged slooow, tried faster, err no. Back to slow jog, running when I hit path, back to slow jog, and then back all the way again, one I hit the road on the way back I promised I would let go, pick up my legs and run like a you know what. I had an awesome finish, with nothing left in the tank. Happy.

The rugby was much better than I expected, we had front row seats! And I cheered away, froze, and was glad at the end that my home was only a short walk away.

Even though it's still very much mid winter here, I keep wondering about Spring, and events for then and Summer - Besides the half.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Rand(Om) Bites said...

37/8 mins hon! Very cool. It would be soooo hard to run fast in the mud. I would be scared of falling over and breaking an arm or something. I need to time myself and see how long it takes me. I couldn't cope with the mental pressure of a race but could do with some times just so I now myself.