Monday, July 19, 2010

You ran how far?

I've received mostly positive feedback about my half marathon experience and training for my second one. I have got a few odd looks when I have mentioned the second one though. This could be for many reasons, you know the fat, people's own insecurities, dreams, etc. Anything. I do try and not take it personally. I LOVE running. Remember this?

I have compiled an FAQ - Anything else you want to know, drop me a line!

Had you run much before?

I didn't run pretty much at all before September last year, when I began my first camp boot, my leg workouts before then mainly consisted of spin classes. Through camp boot I learned to sprint, and run hills, a lot of hills, and run in the cold, rain, heavy rain, and wind, and all of them combined.

Did you have a trainer?
Yes, BUT I couldn't see him that regularly during training due to work commitments during most of the training leading up to the race. But we went over a plan together, I checked in and had a few sessions now and then. Probably the best thing I did besides going over the plan with him, was having a debrief on the Monday after. We went over everything from time, hydration, nutrition, and future plans.

How often did you train?
I ran three days a week and did cross training when I could. I always made sure I did my runs, and even on very very busy weeks I still made time for all three. I was scheduled for more cross training but I started a new job when my training kicked into gear, and was away from home, but still managed somehow to make time for the long runs.

Did you have a running buddy?
Not really , I've run a few times with a friend who is faster than me, so we start out together and meet up again at the end. I generally don't run with others, because I can't talk and run, and running is kind of 'me' time.

Did you have a time in mind?
Kind of, you can read about those thoughts here.

What did you eat during the half?
I ate natural jelly snakes, they worked for me, and didn't upset my stomach. I had tried gels and my stomach had revolted during training. I think I had about 6 snakes and most of them in the second half of the race. I intend to try other things during training the second time around too. Beforehand I had oats, and some fruit, because it's my normal breakfast and I didn't want to test new stuff out on race day.

Did you have any technical gear?
Not really, I borrowed a friends polar watch, and then didn't give myself enough time to work it out. Yeah you kind of want to do that beforehand. I have a well worn pair of puma running tights, which are amazing, I wish I had bought more than one pair - I'm not sure that counts as technical gear though. Oh an my shoes, which I had fitted, and need to get fitted again! I don't really hold brand loyalty as such, mainly because most of my life not been able to fit into funky sporting apparel-so I just get what works, But adidas make great running shoes - for me anyway.

Best advice?
Line up and get the post race massage, mine cost $10 and was ten minutes of torture, but so worth it. I also treated myself to a massage two days later, which was well worth it. If you want to reward yourself, go the massage way!

When is your next half marathon?

Mid September, so i've just started increasing my mileage again in the last couple of weeks.

Are you going to do a full marathon?
Yes, I am, but it won't be until early next year - well before my 30th in August.

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Rand(Om) Bites said...

I see running as "me" time too and I would be trailing you if we ran together LOL.