Saturday, August 7, 2010

The build up

I only have a 10km run tomorrow for my long run, at race pace, so it needs to be 1.12:59...seriously. But the mileage ramps up next week, until the half. I need to make time in the next few weeks to be somewhat familiar with the course, as it's just out of town, it makes me feel a bit more comfortable knowing that before race day!

I got a fair bit done today, even with a sleep in. I went and checked out my local market which has been running for a while, and is very close to my place. I don't know if it was because of the weather, or what but it was tiny, and there wasn't much choice for produce or price for that matter. I did pick up a few things, including two wholemeal loaves of bread (one of which I froze), and some eggs, and vegies. I'll still be heading to the waterfront one tomorrow after my long run, to get more supplies. I also got my gym session in, and went to the library.

So far the no supermarket shopping experience has gone well, I have come to realise though I buy alot of processed stuff, tinned chickpeas, bread, crackers, things like that. I guess I thought I really didn't buy anything processed, but I do, not alot compared to some folks I guess, but enough to go ohhh. I might have to pop into the supermarket though...for toilet paper, and milk, umm and vegemite...i've run out! I did end up buying, soaking and cooking dried chickpeas though, which was not as hard as I thought, plus they taste so much better! So i'm on board for keeping that up!

I've also signed up for a spinathon in few weeks! It runs for 6 hours in total, and you can do at least a one hour session. I checked with my trainer to see what was okay seeing as I have a scheduled 19km run the day after...umm that would be 3 sessions are fine, as long as I rest the rest of the day :-) So three hours of straight spinning classes in a row my legs and more importantly my rear hurt just thinking about it!

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