Sunday, August 8, 2010

Treat of the Week #1

Today at the organic shop I was hunting for a treat, not food based, well kind of, but one that wasn't going to be a stupid idea. That was when I stopped at the tea section and thought, treat, zero calories, not something I would buy, and I have been meaning to try some different types of tea for ages. I bought a small packet of the one above, only 10 bags and had cup this afternoon, it was much nicer than I expected!

I've got a big training week this week. plus no rest day until next weekend sometime. Plus it's my birthday on Wednesday, which I am unusually down about, very odd.

I've got my lunch and water, oats and snacks ready for the next two days (as I am having three days off this week). I am ready for bed, i'm not sure if it is because of my training, or work stuff or what, but I'm not sleeping as well as normal. I'm zonked!

And with that, I bid you goodnight:-)

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kathrynoh said...

I reckon it's worth splurging on a good tea.