Sunday, August 1, 2010

Go on!

Take a look here.

I've been thinking the last few weeks, and actually most of the year about food wastage, recycling, and just doing what I can for the earth in general.

I try to use less plastic bags, and only use them when I forget to pack my trust enviro sack in my bag during the day, and finding out later in the day I need to go to the supermarket. And use products that are easier on the environment...which is okay when they are on special but can be hard when I look after the flat account, and the housemates just want value. So some months environment win, others not so much.

I also have been working hard at only going shopping when my pantry is well and truly bare, but then stocking up well when its ready to be filled, so I won't waste. I've frozen vege cut offs for soup, and today I cooked up a little bit of mince but made more than one type of meal out of it by bulking it out with chickpeas or vegies.

I try to recycle everything possible and remind certain folk that cardboard goes in the recycling!

So I'm very keen to give ACONSO a go, given that I forgot today was the 1st of the month, it may have to start tomorrow, and I the only time I plan on going to the supermarket is to get toilet paper and things like that, unless I can work something out that isn't overly costly (like going to the organic shop to get toilet paper...not making my own people!)

Go on, have a go!


kathrynoh said...

The last time I went to the supermarket, I nearly died. I'm so used to getting most of my stuff from the market and it's so much cheaper.

Toilet paper is a tricky one though.

Kate said...

Awesome! thanks for the post :)

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Oooh, lots of food for thought. It's so important for us to live more sustainably and I often bug out for the easy option when I am too busy. But that's just a poor excuse, isn't it. Thanks for sharing the link - inspired.