Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Drum roll, please.

When I finished my first half back in June, I had a debrief session with my trainer, as you guys know we went over all sorts of things from pace to nutrition, just to see where improvements could be made, and have a chat about the whole experience.

Twelve months ago, I couldn't run for more than about five minutes. I had no idea where to start and although I had walked/half jogged when I lived in Melbourne, I had never, well jogged or ran or god forbid sprinted.

Then along came camp boot. People it was hard, but I LOVED it. Honestly the first week of getting up at 5am was shite, but as a habitual night owl, after a week my body got used to it. And I went to bed early, and I learnt to run, and I fell hard and fast in love with running, and it hasn't stopped.

When we had the debrief session, the plan was and had been previous to that in my mind to do a full marathon in Auckland in October. I had planned to sign up after the half as I wanted to see if I enjoyed the experience etc - trouble was, the race sold out, fast. I couldn't even get a place for the half, and the prices on auction sites were astronomical. And I happily signed up and trained for the half marathon this coming weekend.

Then last night, I had a look at the auction sites, as I knew my trainer would ask me post half marathon what was next...

Tickets were available, and they were not at the astronomical prices of a few months back. So I bought one!

On October 31st, I'm running the Auckland Marathon and raising money for the Heart Foundation!



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I am SO proud of you and SO excited for you!! Cannot wait to read along as you share this next big goal with us!