Thursday, September 16, 2010

A hearty matter

In the lead up and during my marathon i'll be raising money for the Heart Foundation. There is a personal reason I chose them as my charity, that I don't normally talk about. But now may be a good time.

My grandfather died suddenly in his late forties, my father the eldest of three boys was 16 when my grandfather died. My grandfather, Richard had complained of chest pain for months on end, and had been to the doctor, they thought it was indigestion, it wasn't. One morning, my Nan went to wake Richard, as he would normally have gotten up by now (she has slept in one of the spare rooms that night - as she had been fighting a cold). So she went in to wake him up, and we wasn't breathing. He had suffered a massive heart attack. My father came into the room, obviously aware that something was wrong, and helped my Nan perform CPR whilst the ambulance arrived, it was no use.

My grandmother was left a widow with three young boys to raise, and she did a brilliant job. Whilst my Dad and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things. I understand that day and losing his father so young, would have had a massive impact on his life, as it did for my family. Although I never knew my grandfather, anyone I have ever spoken to about him, adored him, he was well respected in the community, and loved his family. I am sad that I never got to know him, and I wish my Dad would have spoken more about Richard when I was growing up, but it is obviously still very painful, even now.

It is a cause very close to me, and if you have a spare few dollars and would like to donate that would be great. If you would prefer to donate to a charity close to your heart or just do something for someone else if you don't have the spare funds, then please do. Any gesture, financial, or through action would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made here

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