Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time Ghosts

If you have not already figured out, I’m working two jobs at the moment. Yes people, I know. I’m still at my normal full time job, and I have picked up second job in an old trade I am good at for three months (not that old trade). Current work schedule looks like this:

Monday to Friday
8am-4.45pm first job
5pm-8pm second job
9-6pm second job
Lucinda time! (currently taken up with looong marathon training runs, and recovery!)

I’m busy, and it’s good (given the break up), lots of time to keep busy and keep my mind off things. But also alot of time to think about what I want to do, when I don’t have second job anymore, and just what I want to do in general.

I’m trying to focus on just me, and that is great. I’ve fallen back in love with Sunday time, doing grocery shopping after work so it does not take up my weekend free time, experimenting with new foods, getting back into the theatre and random events around town, saying yes to catch up with friends new and old, thinking about future sporting events, working hard with my trainer, and just enjoying the present as much as I can, and trying not to overthink the past few weeks to much.

My food diary of the last few days showed up a few things, I’m not eating enough for the amount I’m running, even if I have an extra serve of carbs with dinner and snack a bit more I should see a difference. Plus my trainer wants me to have a ‘relax’ day once a week, and I can slack of a bit. I do tend to get rather regimented and repetitive with my eating. Plus I don’t really drink, and the only thing I do drink besides water is juice with spirulina added about once a fornight, if that.

The stangest thing that has happened is that my sweet tooth has gone, we think it’s to do with my electrolytes being out – all those crazy salt cravings. That’s all I’m craving now, salt. Who knew!


Margaret said...

it's good to be busy at times like this, but good that the 2nd job won't be one for a long time - you could get seriously burnt out with a schedule like that!

I have been craving salt lately too - been satisfying it with salty dutch licorice so have to be careful with the calories though..

You are doing so well with the running, I am in awe each time I read what marathon you are up to!

kathrynoh said...

I reckon if you are craving something, your body needs it. unless it's something like tim tams sandwiched together with nutella!