Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The long run

I’ve been quite grumpy today, I think it’s just stress and being overtired. The only time I’ll ever get snarky with anyone is if I have not had enough sleep, or if it’s humid – seriously, if it’s humid and you see me, stay away people.

This week is my biggest mileage week before the marathon, from Monday I taper down until the big day. It’s great because the excitement is now overtaking the self doubt and fear of the past week or two. Hurrah! Plus my trainer told me I’d be fine, and we are working on a game plan this week, and sorting out any kinks.

Hydration – it’s becoming clear I don’t run well in the heat. I’m Australian for goodness sake! So I’m concentrating on increasing my hydration in during the week. I currently drink about 8 tall glasses of water, but I really need to push it up with the exercise, will see how I go.

Nutrition – It’s good. I’m sending my trainer my food diary for the next three days so he can see if I am fuelling correctly. I’m worried with ww, as I don’t want to under eat at all with the amount of running I’m doing, that would be stupid, and frankly dangerous. So we will see, I may just need a bit more fuel. I’m not undereating by any means, but my portion sizes have dropped with ww. I lost .9 this week!

I’m also going to trial a new fuel source whilst running, white bread with banana and honey, cut up into bite size pieces. Hopefully it won’t play havoc with my stomach! I love my jelly snakes, but I need some variety.

Other kinks – Not many, my calf muscles are rather tight, but then they always have been, but I need to stretch them more. And my shoulders are a bit sore, from slouching as I fatigue. So today at training we went over some floor work to help with that.

I’m still rather unsure about time goals. I’m aiming to finish, and make the cut off time, for getting onto the bridge and also getting off, oh and actually making it to the finish! Currently I’m thinking 5 hours something – but I have no idea really, and I’m not that fussed, I just want to finish.

Emotionally I’m having a bit better week this week, Sunday night was tears etc. But I’m starting to plan small things, and just enjoying time to do whatever I want, when I’m not running, or at work, which well, leaves Sunday afternoon/evening, and at the moment, that’s just fine.


Vic said...

If you know someone with a foam roller ask them to roll your legs, best thing ever just moves the muscles etc love it.
Good luk for your HUGE week of running :)

Lucinda said...

I use a foam roller at the gym, best thing ever! Will be investing in one in the near future too.

Thanks mate :-)

Sue said...

This is such an amazing thing you're doing! Good luck with the bridge, I hear it's a bit of a mountain!!!!

Black Knight said...

Enjoy the tapering period before the "main event". I just want to finish is the best approach for the marathon. Good luck.