Monday, October 4, 2010

The Food Blog Mini War

I read a real mix of blogs, some weight loss, some triathlon/ironman/running, writing ones, and a few food ones. I am a slack with comments, and I just tend to write as I think. I'm not after followers, or fans. Most people that read here, know me from way back in blogland, some are new, some may never comment. But I appreciate them all none the less. I've made friends in real life, and other sorts of friends. I'm pretty easy to get along with, and if you don't like me that's cool too. You know a rant is coming, don't you...

Bloggers make an impression, whether they like it or not. No matter how small or big you are. I've got awesome tips from blogs, made friends, and been yes jealous when someone gets sponsored freebies to keep all the time. Would I like a food processor, a brand spanking new race bike, and loads of healthy free food to eat - HELL YES. I think I even asked for shoes a whilst back, got nothing, which was expected. It's not my market, I don't even have a market!

I'm not a brand, I'm me.

I'm 29, I work two jobs, I run slowly, and I go to weight watchers, I just got dumped and I'm a cancer survivor. And there are so many people like me.

Do what you want with your blog, brand it, market it, get all the free stuff you want. But DO NOT complain about getting a raw deal out of an article, that yes implied not so great things, but also hit the nail on the head so to speak.

I review stuff I buy, that's it. I used to run in Asics, then Brooks, now Adidas - because that's what I was fitted for. I bought my fuel belt, my heart rate monitor, and powerade doesn't upset my stomach. I'm not brand loyal.

You have influence, but you also need to have some integrity, and remember your blog should be about passion, not about product. Please remember that.

The link to the a blog mentioning the article is here

There are other implications in the article which are a bit terse, but I can see how the conclusion could be reached.

And I'm ranting about it because, I can.

Rant over :-)


Kate said...

I totally agree on the sponsorship point. It's partially jealousy, but the level of sponsorship is NUTS and, frankly, gets boring after awhile.

But as a reader of all of the blogs, I did find the comments about their obsessions a little snarky. I think the extreme examples of disordered behaviour were taken WAY too out of context, and were quite unfair. I've recently been having some reservations about some of the Big 6's behaviour (Meghann A's photos often make her portions look a lot bigger than they are), but on the whole, I am FOR bloggers eating real food and being active. The non-food bloggers I read seem MUCH less secure- with all sorts of "I wish I could wear shorts" bullcrap!

Lucinda said...

I've stopped reading a few because of the sponsorship, because well frankly I don't care how cool your shiny cake make machine is. Yeah of course i'm jealous, but I also find it kind of fake. And no, not all of them are like that.

Just be real, that's all i'm asking. I think they forgot that's what got them their readership from in the first place.

Shauna said...

LOVE YOUR WORK Lucinda :) :) :)

Vic said...

WOHOO there she is.. just saw her... the raw, honest and passionate woman I love !!!

Love that you are not sponsered, but I too would love something free especially something I want/need, like new shoes a bike etc haha.. but real world we have to work real hard for it !!