Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fitter than the rest

When I think about it, the fittest I was speed wise, was around this time last year, and I kind of peaked again in February just before the bays run. My fitness was steady for most of the year with all the running, and my endurance improved out of site, but my speed dropped off. I ate more, ran more, ate more. Don't get me wrong I didn't run more so I could eat, I just let more 'treats' slip in, and after years of having very little cheese, or alcohol (completely by choice and quite happily) I introduced them both back in, with zest, especially the alcohol...not to an excessive amount, but I went from zero, to pumping extra sugar that I didn't need as I didn't decrease anything else.

The last month, I've been a bit of a glutton, Christmas parties, nights out, dinners, drinks, the absence of packed lunch, missed gym sessions. It's not bad, I have no guilt, but my hair is limp, my face breaks out a bit, and my sleep pattern has gone haywire. That said, the last few months have not been easy, trying to live without someone that was best friend in the world, working insane hours and now I'm in the process of making some rather large life changing decisions - the best is yet to come.

I've got epic but fun plans for 2011, stay tuned and enjoy the ride...

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