Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back To The Mat

I had initially planned to write the usual New Years resolution post today, but I didn't really have the time, maybe I'll work on a series of posts about what's in store for me this year. But for today, it's all about the mat.

I have not done a lot of yoga before, i've mainly taken Bikram, and other forms of hot yoga, and both I have enjoyed. I would like to work towards having a more regular practice, whether it's heated or not, and just to try different types. I really enjoyed the class this afternoon, a 90 minutes Bikram session with a friend on New Years Day, it was hot (yes really) but I also forgot how good it felt just to be back on the mat, and not thinking about anything else except my breathing and the what the teacher was saying.

I had to sit down for a few poses, just to adjust to the heat, as post New Years Eve, I was finding it a bit much. I also was aware that I can't do a lot of the poses I used to be able to, but that comes with practice, and patience!

I'm heading back for another class tomorrow. Today when we finished and I lay down on the mat I closed my eyes and smiled. Like running, yoga and I kind of fit amongst the rush of everything else around me, now I just have to find some time when I go back to work to practice!


Rand(Om) Bites said...

Welcome back to the mat hon! It's refreshing coming back and it feels like coming hOMe - maybe try the "Magic 10" if you find you don't have time to go to a class -

Rand(Om) Bites said...