Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Time

I'm heading away tomorrow morning, for a week in the sun (well hopefully). I need to get out of town, out of my usual surroundings, and just try and relax a little. The past week has been up and down, and well just plain hard, try as I might to put a positive spin on things, well it doesn't work sometimes. That's what happens when you take time off, you have nothing to do, then you start thinking, start remembering, and start facing everything that happened. Before I think I had been too busy (on purpose) to think about it.

This year, above all, I'm just going to be kind and gentle to myself. If that means eating better, taking up new hobbies, traveling, not finding solace in alcohol or indeed any form of chocolate. i just need to be gentle whilst I heal, and it isn't going to happen overnight, I now realise that.

I signed back up to weight watchers late last week, determined to stay follow the plan until I get to goal in a healthy way. Today I went shopping, and bought much needed new clothes, and shoes, including trail runners, and painted my runners toes so I could wear my new sandals.

Tomorrow I fly away, and I hope that when I land back, I'll be a bit more centred and ready to handle what this year brings me.

See you guys in a week!



Rand(Om) Bites said...

Oh hon, definitely a tough time when you start thinking about everything this time of year but if anything, this time of year forces us to make plans on how to move forward too. I think you getting back on the mat will definitely help with that. I know it helps me and I need to go back too. Hope you have a nice time away...with sun!

Mimi said...

Enjoy your time away. Shoot me an email when you return, and I will send you a Retro WW recipe if you are still interested in guest posting! Thanks for following! Love your blog.