Sunday, December 5, 2010

When did that happen?

I've been rather busy these last few months, filling time, two jobs, making new friends, running and planning for next year.

Planning for next year?
I never used to understand why endurance runners or just people who enjoyed races in general used to plan a year in advance. Now I do. You need to train for these events, not get injured, don't over train, book flights, budget, incorporate your work life, and the rest of your personal life. It's fun, but it's also quite strange, for me to be planning solidly that far ahead.

So far 2011 looks like this

5.5km forest race, aka the Lance project.

Half Marathon


Half Marathon

Planning for trip to Japan - for the big 3.0


Have a white christmas

Unless some super cool race comes up, that is all I am doing next year, and yes, I know that is plenty. 2011 will be the year of the runner, it will also be the year of putting myself first in more ways than one.

I've been so busy, the 80+ hour work weeks are taking a toll, I normally only ever take the stat holiday over the Christmas break, but no this year I'm taking a full two weeks off work. I cannot wait. In the next few weeks my priorities are going to change for the better.


Kate said...

Yay for full holidays- I remember my first real Xmas break... Bliss!

Sue said...

What an amazing year you are going to have!

She-Fit said...

WOW! If that doesn't keep you in shape, than I don't know what will :)