Monday, February 21, 2011

Active Rest

I've got an active rest week planned, no weighted bearing exercise, no running until later this week. Currently it looks like this.

Today - Warm up on the bike, then 30mins of stretching with my trainer.

Tuesday - A physio appointment, my ankle is a bit sore, normally I wouldn't worry but I have a marathon at the end of April, and just want to check all is good. 20 mins of cycling, more stretching.

Wednesday - Rowing sets, more stretching.

Thursday - 5km light run

Friday - Rest day and a massage.

Saturday - Upper body and core work. Again, with the stretching.

Sunday 12-15km run - will depend how I feel, stretching!

I've pulled up pretty well, I have a blister which is annoying - as it's rather large, and I prepped that part of my foot before the race, and my ankle (or fascia, or both) is acting up, it was rather swollen on Saturday, I have no idea why! It responds well to ice, will know more tomorrow.

Normally I'd have a lighter week, but I would like to keep moving, and if I get tired or whatever, I can just do stretching, and walking. I'm not good with rest periods, normally because after a certain time, they extend more than they should. So we are hoping this will nip that habit it the bud!

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