Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anything will do

I may end up weighing in a day early, mainly because I plan on weighing in at the gym, and I wasn't planning to go in on Saturday as it's a rest day before my half marathon, so I will either go in tomorrow and weigh in before work or during my lunch, on just pop in and out on Saturday.

I've tracked everything all week long, whether it's been water, my oats, ice cream, enchiladas, it's all on the tracker. Currently my weekly remaining points is on -4 (I had ice cream tonight). The ww enchilada recipe is really tasty too, and so quick to make.

One thing I have noticed though is I have gone off fruit, for the first time ever. I'll get some more in my next shop, just cannot work out why I didn't get any this week, odd.

I'm expecting a loss, so any loss would be good, I'm just aiming for 500g - 1kg, but a loss is a loss, so I really don't mind. Although I kind of have that first week weight loss expectation too!

Sheryl has an amazing blog, and has written a lot about the new system, which I found really helpful. I kind of want to transplant her and her leader Melanie to a meeting here in New Zealand!

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skinny latte said...

I really liked Sheryl's review of the ProPoints...I must admit I was a bit cynical when I heard they'd changed the program again but it sounds like they're moving with the times and encouraging people to think about nutrition and healthy eating for the long term which is FAB!