Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pro Points - Oh Yeah!

To be honest I never really remembered to old points system, as in bread was this many points etc. I think mainly because I had such a varied diet, oh an yes because I was lazy!

This is my fourth day on pro points, and so far i'm really enjoy it. I have 6 of my weekly points left though! But in saying that it's become quite clear that my food must have been quite out of whack, so I'm looking forward to weighing in on Saturday and seeing a good result.

I've normally just used the books and kept a notebook, but this time I've singed up to WW Online and am tracking online, which is really easy, and it means I don't need to remember how many points things are to start off with, which helps! I've also made the fish parcels and asparagus risotto this week - the recipes are on the online database. Both were really yummy, and I've got a ww enchilada recipe all set to go next week as I do my grocery shopping fortnightly, and I'm trying to meal plan as best I can.

So far so good!


Kate said...

Those sound delicious! Can you give me some more examples of pro point values of things??

Miss N said...

I've just started on Pro Points as well (and looking around for inspiring blogs I haven't read before)... I'm still working my head around PP as I was so used to the last 'Core Plan' that WW did - I was very successful doing that plan - so lets hope PP works as well!

Good luck!