Saturday, February 12, 2011

Funky Town - It’s all good!

All week, well actually for the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about going on a detox, or shakes, or getting meals delivered. Just to make things easier, and well quicker in the weightloss department. I kind of hit a stalemate at it’s been longer that I would ever have liked, but it’s completely my doing. It’s completely fine to get off track now and again, and eat lunch out for a few days, and drink some juice, and not keep up with my strength training or push myself with my running. But the last few months, and well before then things kind of went a bit awol.

The point is, I don’t need a shake, or a detox, or some chemical filled meal. I just need to grow up a bit about the whole thing, and do what works, eat well, eat clean, drink my water, move my body, and get enough sleep, that’s it.

So today I’ve signed back up to weight watchers online, (with two jobs it is quite hard to make it meeting at the moment.) Once that finishes though, I’ll head back to meetings. I did actually sign up a few weeks ago back at meeting but the woman weighing me in wasn’t exactly that friendly, and it’s not the first time that’s happened, so I will take my time and find a meeting without her!

And I’m making a list today to go shopping after work and restock my pantry and fridge with some much needed groceries. My vegie and fruit box is empty, what’s with that?!

My trainer and I have our regular session on Monday but will also be meeting to go over some ideas about how to change things up a bit, to kick start my fitness again. My fitness has slid, but it’s not a slide of epic proportions, and even if it was I can turn that around too.

I also have a half marathon next weekend....eeek!

I’m going to be weighing in at the gym for now. Once a week, most likely on a Saturday. I weighed in on Tuesday this week and it was 116.5kg (yeah i’ve put on about 10kg in the last few months, but it’s okay because it is going to come off!) I figure I could spend time beating myself up about it, or actually doing something about it, I know which is better.

Things to note
I’m not a huge juice person, sometimes i’ll have it if I go out for brunch but that’s it, lately I’ve been having juices a lot. i need to cut it out for now. The only juice I do have a bit more of in winter is a spirulina based juice that helps me kick colds - No cold last year! So yeah I can have those if need be.

Cake is not too much of an issue at the moment, if I bake now I just take it in and offload it at work. I really like baking, and like to bake for others.

I need to make my lunch and take it in, it’s really not that hard. And it does not take that much time out of my day. Plus it’s really good for my wallet as well as my waistline.

So there you have it, I’m back. Remember me? :-)

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