Saturday, February 5, 2011

one last time*

I think this will be my last epic former relationship milestone day for a while, it would have been our anniversary, and I think on top of all the bad news i've had in a two week period, this day whilst I thought I would get through unscathed, has me teared up, but that's life it happens, i just wish it still wouldn't hurt as much, because i'm nice and all that, and i like people to like and love me, and yeah it hurts when that kind of runs out without any notice, and i feel stupid, get hurt. I've got my awesome support crew going, and that has helped so much.

Please understand I never intended for my little blog to get so meh for this long, i'm pretty upbeat most of the time, and I've always see the glass as half full, and i still do. And I realise people go through a lot worse, trust me i do.

I've made plans, epic and awesome ones, I promise there is sunshine coming soon, even if it's artificial :-)

Thanks for listening x

*look there will probably another sans breakup post, it's my blog - and if you knew the back story well... ;-)

Other items of note

This post may not make any sense, it's hard to write with glasses on and cry, and see.

This is not a pity post :-)

I'm having pancakes for brunch tomorrow, because I damn well want them!

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