Saturday, February 19, 2011

The week that was and my race plan

I had a pretty good week this week, rather busy, but good.

I tracked everything, and stayed within my points overall for the week, I did end up using some of my exercise points too. I'm really impressed that I tracked everything, and I wasn't hungry.

It was a light exercise week three workouts, as I have my half marathon tomorrow. Next week will be similar (except for tomorrow) with a light but semi active rest week

I'm trying to be positive and just enjoy things at the moment, whatever they are. I'm also trying to have a bit more 'me' time. I find this helps a lot, given the amount of hours I work. At the moment I tend to spend one Sunday catching up with friends, and the next alone doing my own thing, this is great, as I really enjoy my own time. Like last Sunday when I just decided to watch tv for the afternoon, and it was all good.

Things to focus on in the coming week.
I want to have another full week of tracking, and maybe upping my water a little, I have around 8-10 glasses a day but I think I need another glass, it not hot, but it's warmer, and I don't drink more when I exercise :-S I also need to book the rest of my accommodation for my Japan trip in August!

Now to my race plan....

My lead up to this race has not been that great, BUT, i'm looking forward to it, it's a flat course, although with no shade, so I am hoping it isn't hot. I'm looking to finish, and with a sub 3 hour time, given my prep and the weight I've put on, that will be awesome. I want to push it when I can, and I am hoping to speed up just a little in my second half, as I do have a habit of holding back a little too much sometimes. But that will depend on the weather, my hydration is key.

Wish me luck!

I can't believe this time last year I was worried about running 7km, and now I'm onto my third half marathon, how cool is that?


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K said...

Very cool! And very inspirational! I still have a little voice inside me that keeps saying 'run! run!' - but so far I'm too scared. There, I said it!