Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Horizons

I have spent the last few days house sitting for friends at their home by the beach - it was great, I did nothing, except sit out on the deck, with wine, and watching movies, and reading, and now I am back home...and something died in our fridge.

My housemates are away for a few more days, so I literally cleaned out the fridge, whatever it was, its gone. It wasn't that bad, I think it just needed a good clean, like our oven, which I also cleaned. Well actually its still cleaning itself, with the super dooper cleaning stuff.

Then I really got my mojo on, and cleaned out my wardrobe, and rearranged my bedroom (the smallest room in the universe). The finished product makes it look so much bigger, and it makes a nice change for the New Year and warmer months, yes the sun has finally arrived here!

So the first day of the year was very productive, and now I'm almost ready to doze off. It's nice to start the New Year in a positive frame of mind. 2008 wasn't my grandest year, but there were some wonderful things about it, but it's now onward!

I'm getting to goal this year amongst other things, just watch me!


rand(om) bites said...

Sounds like a beautiful relaxing end to the year and a positive kick-arse start to the New Year hon, go you!

M said...

What a great start to the year. Well done. Happy New Year to you and I hope this mojo stays with you all year. :)