Friday, October 9, 2009

The Mighty Hill

It rained all night, and it was still raining this morning when I got up to cook my oats twenty minutes later than usual. I headed to the gym wondering where we would work out today, and how I would go in the wet. I stepped in a massive puddle on the way there too, I wasn't impressed.

We headed off, and did our warm up outside, but undercover, and then we headed out into the rain, and then up the stairs we had tackled on Wednesday, and then further up! We went about 2/3 of the way up, I did end up briskly walking the last 20 or so metres more for the fact my glasses had fogged up and were covered in rain, and I really couldn't see that well. Plus my eyes were stinging and watering from the sweat! We then went about 1/2 way back down and then headed back up again in pairs - sprinting!

And then ran all the way back down to gym.

Why I mention the oats and the twenty minutes out is that I can't do it again. I need to have them at 5am. I had NO energy at the start of the session this morning, my trainer was wondering if I had gone to boxing the night before (and yesterday I had a rest day!) When the oats finally hit, I flew, I mean I really did pick up the pace on the way back. It was a good lesson, and to be honest I've never fueled for morning gym until this week, and boy can you tell the difference!

I'm having a quiet night in tonight, am going to another Japanese place for dinner tomorrow night, and I am hoping my runners dry so I can go for a light run tomorrow morning, otherwise I'll just take my cross trainers and head to a spin class tomorrow.

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Kate said...

Nice work!! Mt Vic is a great climb :)