Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Over, already?

Summer came and went in a flash, I know, I should stop whining about the weather. Just give me one last moment of whine...


Right, so now that I've done with that, I'm already dreading winter, and its only just the start of Autumn :-(

I have lots of little and not so little jobs that I have been putting off, mainly around my apartment, things I meant to do before the new flatties of last year moved in, and I still have yet to get around to them. Like cleaning out the linen cupboard, that we can't fit linen in to, because there is all sorts of crap from who knows in there!

I also want to, clean all the windows before the winter comes, kind of like a reverse spring clean, this also goes for our curtains, which I tried to take the tiny specs of mould off with last year using white vinegar to no avail, no this time around, I'm going to try with a toothbrush, and if that still does not work, I'll ask the landlady to replace at least the ones in the bedrooms, because they can't be good for our health!

Buy two new drying racks for the winter, although our dryer will really kick into action over the period, the drying rack we currently have is driving me up the wall, as the damn thing keeps falling over...I think it died a while back people.

Finish organising my room, including the cupboard of doom! DONE

Get a bookshelf! We all read the same type of books so it would be nice to have somewhere to put them, along with a coffee table.

Clean out/organise the freezer. I only have frozen veg and berries in their, my two flatties almost on frozen stuff, I need to implement a system, somehow. DONE

Clean the washing machine, filter thing...eww!

Think about investing in a rice cooker. I say think because the juicer was a massive FAIL. Doesn't really help that I would like to use it in the morning and one of my flatmates is the worlds lightest sleeper ever. Part of the juicer is currently being used as a vase. I hope to use it a few more times, I really do. Do you have a rice cooker? I can't cook rice, at all.

Plan a cooler weather menu, and cook ahead on the weekend I can and freeze like crazy. So when I am lazy, I can just heat and serve!

There are heaps of things, as you can see. I figure if I get through them in the next few weeks, then I needn't worry about doing another big clean out until Spring.

I'm feeling a little bit better than the previous two days, I have spent most of them moping about the house, crying, and just feeling quite meh, I figure I feel better when I have plans that see me doing something good, even if its just being able to find something in the cupboard - I'm not the worlds most organised or tidy person, but I am getting there.

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Kate said...

Rice cooker = good investmemt (and I, too, have failed with juicers...)

My biggest cheesy appliance love is my popcorn popper.