Monday, May 10, 2010

Get off the road!

On Sunday I ran my first off road 5km race. In addition to being my first ever 5km (I've done, 4, 7.5 8, but never 5 flat!) it was also my first off road race around part of the Wellington coast. I had intended to do the 10km up until a couple of weeks back, and then I realised my long run scheduled for my half marathon was only supposed to be 6km. I had a great time, the event was really well run, we had personalised race numbers with our names (how cool) and a medal when we finished. It was awesome!

I don't own trail runners and used my general running shoes, and they went fine. It was a flat course, but off road, so I spent a lot of time watching my foot placement. And trying to pace myself, I wanted to run the whole way, except for the drink stop, and push hard toward the end. I had three goals for the race.

1. Run the whole way.
2. Clock in with thirty something minutes.
3. Yeah I can't remember the third, oops, but there was one, probably to pace myself haha.

But my number one aim for any run or race is to run the whole way, except for stops to drink, and cross the road etc. It makes me pace myself too, and not go too hard out.

36:37 was my time, STOKED!



kathrynoh said...

Congratulations! Nice running, it's nice to get off road too isn't it.

skinny latte said...

Great work babe!!!

Sue said...

Well done you! And what a lovely piece of coastline too.

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Unreal chooka, well done!