Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things that don't mix well.

That slightly hungover feeling from the night before, followed by your first long run in prep for the half marathon.
Bad, freakin bad idea people.
I didn't have that much to drink, but I had mixed. Hmm. Bad.
It looked warm, then I found the air was cold, I felt sick because I went out too fast. Then I heated up, there was Sunday afternoon traffic EVERYWHERE. I walked, I jogged, I walked, walked, jogged, then I just plain walked. Until the last bit, and I ran.

People, I was so glad to be home!

It's a nice day here, so i'm happy I was able to go about the local streets near my place and not freeze or be blown away.

I'm glad I pushed myself to do todays run, but I really do hope it gets better!


kathrynoh said...

Nice working, running hungover is something I just can't do. Getting out of bed is beyond me sometimes.

Kate said...

Oh, it absolutely will get better!

green ink said...

Of course it will get better! Not every run will be great, hungover or not :P I hate having a bad run but I'm always kind of relieved when I do, and it's over, because that usually means the next one will be pretty great :) x