Tuesday, May 11, 2010

things of love

The lovely Phil over at Green Ink has been writing about things she loves. And given the day I've had, not that great, and I just said good bye to one of my best friends here as she is heading back to Ireland, I thought something with a bit of warmth rather than kindred tears would be best tonight.

I love lots of things, and my desires and likes have changed alot of over the years, and some have remained the same. Below is my top ten!

1. The Written Word

I love books, bookstores, libraries, reading. I tend to go by myself when I'm book hunting - otherwise I'll be there for hours. It's very much my happy place.

2. Cake

I LOVE cake. I could eat for every meal, but I don't. As much as I love cake, it does not love me! At the moment cake and I are on a break, one day we will live happily together. Oh yeah, cake.

3. Running
I love the air in my lungs, the rhythm, sweat, and the numbness that hits after the initial pain subsides, I'm glad I worked at my running. It makes me feel so alive.

4. Coffee & Anthony Bourdain
I generally have a coffee with a friend before my work day begins. Some weekends I will go without, and sometimes on a Sunday, I'll have two. Full cream milk, always. After I switched back from trim/skim, yeah not going back. I have it without sugar unless I have a bad bitter one, which isn't that often.

Anthony Bourdain, I've just discovered him.

5. Yoga
I always find myself on the mat, everytime, no matter how much time has passed between practice.

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green ink said...

Making a list of lovely things usually turns a bad day around :)

Cake was going to be one my upcoming things I love...and it may well still be, but at the moment I haven't been able to eat cake for weeks thanks to a GODAWFUL wedding we went to where they didn't have any vegetarian food and we had to have cake for dinner. And the cake was shite. But we were so hungry (and had travelled 3 hours to get there) we ate 5 pieces each. Ugh. Hated it. Haven't eaten cake since!!

Anyway, that wasn't the point of my comment :D

Keep the good energy flowing darl xxx