Monday, September 27, 2010

Open doors

Mid morning about two bites into a chocolate croissant, I half yelled out 'RIGHT', and chucked the croissant into the bin. About an hour later, I happily signed back up at Weight Watchers.

It has nothing to do with the breakup - I have been thinking about for a while know, even spoken to shrink man about it.

And I am ready, for real. I want to change, I can change, and I will.

For me.


Shauna said...

So sorry about your breakup! I got behind on entries... hope you are okay. But you sound all fired up and determined, go you good thing! xx

Vic said...

Well done honey, weight watchers works for you :) and you are set with who you are doing this for.
Let me know if you need a coffee, I am about as I am on holidays xoxo