Wednesday, October 13, 2010

what dreams are made of

and something to work towards, think of, ponder, then do, in time.

Hanoi, Vietnam ~ live, drink coffee, cook.
Greek Islands ~ swim, eat cheese, more swimming, sun.
Spain ~ learn Spanish in Barcelona for a month and spend another 5 or so weeks walking the entire length of the Camino de Santiago.
Mongolia ~ ride a horse, hang out in a yurt, lay out under the stars.
Paris ~ for my 30th.
Japan ~ teach english, live in Kyoto, Tokyo.
New York ~ New York.
Alaska ~ for Kate

What would you add?


kathrynoh said...

Do it. Do it all. Have you looked into volunteer abroad programs? I know a few ppl who have done them.

Vic said...

As I am happy living here and my goals a little different to yours..
** Cook Islands, swim, drink cocktails and lye int he sun.
** England -- visit family
** Cananda -- visit friends.. :)
Ohh to dream... I big large expensive thing in the way... -- a house --

green ink said...

London - to see me!!! :) xx