Thursday, January 20, 2011

What you need!

I've been angry all week, it toned down a bit today. I went to bed earlier than usual last night, and got a decent amount of sleep, it helped, alot. On the way to work this morning I was so tired, really tired, and drained - but then you know I have not been looking after myself. I went from trying to be gentle to myself post break up and looking after myself in all aspects, including making sure I got plenty of good food and fresh air and exercise to the complete opposite since the marathon really. Yes I needed the rest for a while, but not the damaging way I punished myself in the past couple of months.

And then I realised, dude, you ran a marathon about 6 weeks after everything went to shite, and you did two jobs whilst doing that, along with trying to be busy every other waking moment.

This will be SO much easier, I did all that, and because I did that I can do this. I can look after myself better, and put myself first.

I promised myself that I wouldn't rant to much about my post breakup woes but, you know it's still hurting, so you guys will just have to deal with it a little while longer, now and then, a rant here and there.

I feel like saying sorry, but I'm not, it's just my life at the moment, and it's not woe is me. It's just hard, and it will get better.

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Kate said...

You are doing amazingly! I get exhausted reading your work and training posts :)

Here's to a caring for Lucinda 2011!