Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Steps

I had my weekly pt session today, I had sent an email to my trainer yesterday updating him on the pcos - and wanted to know how that would change our sessions, if at all and my training in general.

Currently I mainly run for exercise, I also have a weekly pt session which is never the same, and I also have core, strength, and stretching work to do. My training for the last year has been planned around my running, and still is.

He says my training is great, I do follow my plan, and work really hard, and have continued to improve. That was really good to hear, I had this fear that maybe I had not been working out hard enough. But as I was reminded today I run long distances you can not run hard and fast for that long, it's not the point.

There is no plan to drastically change my exercise programme as such, our sessions will now be high intensity, where as before we would work on running exercises, new stretches and core work. But core work and that will still be going on, as I said our sessions have never been the same. Until my peroneal injury clears up I won't be doing any super intense running intervals either. At the moment I'm stuck on the treadmill with no incline at a steady pace, I'm dying to go outside for a run - as the weather is getting cooler here by the day, but the physio says no for now, so that's what it is. I did get special permission to do our fundraising run a couple weeks ago though!

He also recommended a homeopath and someone to do some metabolic typing for me, I'll make plans to see both in the next week or two and report back. I'm pretty open to complementary therapies, the only reason there are pain killers in my house is due to running, and that's was just in case during the marathon pain killers, i'm not anti traditional meds mind you, i've just always been pretty healthy, besides a couple of issues, but nothing I had any control over.

I'm on the second day of metformin and I have a little bit of nausea - if it stays like that it will be manageable, any more and it'll get interesting.

Kate commented about my doctor being quite direct about the diabetes and cvd. To be honest my of the appointment is a blur, as I wasn't expecting any of it, but he did say that and explained why...problem is I can't remember the why bit. I have a followup in six weeks (because oh my thyroid in underactive, blood tests are fast here!), and he would like to retest it to see how it is going. I will have alot more questions by then!


Vic said...

Hello lovely,

I was told this by my Dr 3 years ago.. I was also told.. do something about it.. or be dead by the time you are 30. MY biggest one was the diabetes, it scared the hell out of me, I didn't want that so I looked into it and well that spurred me on.

I recommend Kath Fouhy for Dietician I saw her 2 weeks ago.. she is great. 120 bucks for an hour session. Email her and tell her what you are looking for and she will be ready to help as soon as you walk in the door.

I was miss diagnosed with PCOS about 7 years ago.. and I know the medical things with that.. food will also help reduce the symptoms of that as well.
My friend that isn't the news you want at all.

Keep your chin up and smiling because you have made the changes, it is there you just need to refine them a little more.

**big hugs**


Lucinda said...

Hi Vic,

Doctor said it would be incredibly hard for me to lose weight, the only way I maintained it over the past year was by doing about at least 12 hours of training a week. Goodness knows how much extra it would be for me to lose.

I recommended Kath to you! :-)

For me it's not a misdiagnosis, it's exactly what I have along with a underactive thyroid.

I'm being positive!