Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was diagnosed with PCOS this morning.


I knew something was up with my hormones, but assumed it was just because my ovaries had taken such a battering over the years, that it was something to do with that. But I also got to the point where although my diet wasn't very very strict, for the amount of exercise and the way my diet was, I shouldn't have been putting on rate at the way I was, something wasn't right, but I didn't realise how bad it was until today.

My GP was straight up about it, and very clear.

I'm going to get diabetes in the next three years.
I'm have a 4-5 times risk of getting Cardio Vascualar Disease, this double though because I'm overweight. I'll have CVD by the time I'm 50, maybe 55 if I'm lucky - do I have heart disease in my family, yes.
My blood pressure which has always been a little low, or normal is now high.

So the plan is!

1. I need to do intense exercise for at least 5-6 hours a week - I don't really count my running as intense though, I've got pt tomorrow, so will talk with my trainer about it then.

2. I need to think like a diabetic, and see a dietician so I know what I can and can't eat.

3. I need to keep a food diary.

4. I need to decrease my portions and get used to always feeling a little bit hungry.

5. Low carbs, and Low fat.

6. I have to have a load of blood tests.

7. I'm now on metformin, for a very very long time.

8. The dr wants me to seriously consider having gastric sleeve surgery.

Everything is going to have to change.

I had a cry in the doctors office, which is reasonable, you know, I've been overweight since I was 9 and I have always struggled with it, and yeah there have been times where I have been a real lazy shit, but in the last 6 years or so i've really progressed, so seeing the weight not go that way as well as been rather demoralising to say the least. At least I can say I am fit!

The medication has side effects such as nausea and stomach upsets, i'm hoping this doesn't happen to me, but I am on a high dose so it may just end up being that way. I hope it does not play too much havoc with being able to run long distances. I really do love my running.

I'll know more once I have been to the dietician, and read a lot more. I think i'll go over each of the steps in detail over the next few weeks on the blog, along with my symptoms it will help me begin to adjust to things, and have a reference point.

If you have PCOS please get in touch, or know of a blog or a website.

I'm so not impressed right now!


Sue said...

That really sucks! Read everything you can get your hands on; knowledge truly is power.
I'll keep my fingers crossed you can keep up your running - you so clearly love it and your dedication to it is inspiring.

K said...

I'm surprised your Dr has been SO specific about the diabetes and CVD. It's definitely a hugely increased risk, but to put a time frame on it?? (Unless I am missing something here!)

www.soulcysters.com - support forum, and LOADS of info.

The metformin nausea and gut upset does go away, just hang in there. Takes a week or so. My Dr just increased my dosage and I had nausea for a few days. I also felt REALLY hungry when I first started it again when I stopped breastfeeding the last time. I used to carry a protein bar in my pocket - just to get some quick energy. Usually one bite would be enough to stop me feeling wobbly.