Thursday, April 14, 2011

things i love thursday - the running and travel edition

japan - my planning for my august trip is in full swing, after spending plenty of time thinking about if i should go or not, i'm going. i'll be spending time in tokyo, kyoto, osaka and surrounds. if you want to catch up when i'm in the country, let me know!

canada - aha! my whv has been approved and i'll be heading off to live in Toronto for two years this October/November. yes, that will be two back to back winters, i know i know.

downsizing - i'm well aware that i came into NZ with a day pack and a back pack, and i'm hoping to head to canada that way as well, although i will be leaving a box of things i can't bear to give, sell, leave behind with one of my housemates to post when i am set up in Toronto, or at least have an address. Everything else? hello trade me! i'm going to slowly downsize during the year, rather than try and do it in six weeks like i did when i moved over from Australia.

chocolate - or rather lack of it, this i do not love. but with the no sugar rule firmly in place, except for two events, lone easter bunny next weekend, and a rest during trip japan. it along with a few other changes will hopefully have a good effect on my pcos.

running - my 4th half marathon is in a couple of weeks!

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Sue said...

Who's going to pick you up from the airport when you arrive in Canada?